Jackson Reforms Part 2

Many legal practitioners have awaited the final report of Lord Justice Jackson on Civil Justice Reform. The proposals originally canvassed have not been implemented and allow for recovery of reasonable costs in higher value work. Some comfort may be had, that Brexit will dominate the legislature’s time and resources and it is suggested that the extended fixed costs...

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Trainees need to get to grips with Costs

Law students have little or no exposure to the issue of who ends up paying lawyers, but remuneration is just important to a firm as it is to a Client. Most Legal Practice Course providers will only cover the area of Costs briefly, some text books providing as little as a page on the process of commencing Detailed Assessment or preparing a Precedent H Costs Budget. As a...

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The Unintended Cost of Instructing a Cost Draftsman

Many firms will at some stage have used or considered using the services of an external cost drafting company to assist them in the recovery of their costs: Traditionally the file of papers would have been dispatched to their preferred suppliers who would undertake the costing process on behalf of their principal, the bill would be approved and then served formally....

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